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If you put your egg on google basket you should at least follow their rules to provide unique and informative articles for your content marketing campaign. Today i’ll show you how to do right content marketing, there many ways to do that i’ll just put it on this secret list only for you.

Rolling back to 14 years ago this marketing technique might be born and raised by professional publishing and marketing company under different name like custom publishing, custom media, customer media, customer publishing, private media, branded content and corporate media or publishing. Merriam-Webster said marketing is action or business of promoting and selling product or services. Like me, as we offer some services product, i should buying costumer attention through magazine, television, radio or even banner on the Web.

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After this golden ages of internet, content marketing campaign would buying attention, we create content that so informative, valuable, and compelling that it would be positively affects the lives of our prospects and customers, we became the expert resource for our customers. This type of Marketing  is not something new on this world, “the Furrow”  is given credit for the first content marketing initiative. At that time, farmers needed to be educated on the latest in technology so they could be more successful. Instead of buying attention, they created a print content initiative in 1895, teaching farmers all about the latest in technology and trends for farmers. More than 100 years later and with 1.5 million in distribution to 40 countries,

Rebecca Lieb said, content marketing is not an option anymore. If you want to grow your business, attract new customers, and build long-term relationships with your current customers, you MUST have a content marketing strategy. You have two choices: to inform your customers at the right time with valuable and relevant content, OR entertainment. Good content marketing does both.

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Today browsers can be configured to block ads, spam filters can be sending your email campaigns into oblivion, digital video recorders are making TV spots optional, and consumers are emptying much of the content of their mailboxes into the Recycling Bin. But still one of legit poll from Roper Public Affairs found that 80% of business decision makers prefer to get information about a company from articles rather than from ads. Some 70% say content marketing makes them feel closer to the sponsoring company, and 60% believe company content helps them make better product decisions.

This technique did great on this internet ages it become spreading all over the world especially on social media it has significantly lowered the cost if compared to traditional way like newspaper or television no more paper, printing, shipping, warehousing, postage, filmstock, processing, and developing. Many of the physical and logistical hurdles to creating and disseminating great content are gone. Although it never been easier you must be prepared to experiment, be prepared to fail and make sure you learn from those failing. Rather than invest time, money, and resources buying or influencing media with advertising or public relations campaigns, savvy marketers can redirect the flow of that money to become a publisher or media.

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There some tips i will shared with you here to help you  improving your content marketing campaign and think like real publisher.

  1. Know your audiences (using persona)

  2. Content Curation or Aggregation to provide unique content (using some premium platform like and

  3. Establish write habit and frequency

  4. Enhance your landing page with some unique featured or entertains contents

  5. Rather than just selling, companies are sharing: knowledge, expertise, and how-to

  6. Providing utility content like useful tools who might help your visitor when they used them

  7. Make all digital properties like websites, microsites, ebooks, social media, guest post blog, directory sites, social bookmarking, video, podcast, webinars, apps, forums, infographics and wikis.

After learn all think you should know for content creation, the next is you should starting your  project with following this guidelines.

  • Find Trending Topic on your Niches or Industry

This is what i called fire starter, you have to searching what possibly viral topic today. I have list of free website who will guide you easily.

Reddit: Find the subreddits related to your niche and play around, look at the posts that got lot of upvotes, checkout the comments and go through the all-time best threads. In less than 10 minutes you’ll come up with tons of content ideas. Reddit has been banned for several country so you have to own your private proxy or vpn to access it.

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Google News: It’s a publicly available research tool. Search for a keyword/phrase relevant to your industry and see what topics are being discussed the most by the press and popular sites. In no time you’ll identify the hot topic in your niche.

Buzzsumo: Go to and type your topic keyword in the search bar and hit enter. It’ll show you the content that’s been shared the most number of times on different Social Media Platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest). With this tool it gets super easy to find viral content in your niche.

guest post guidelines

buzz sumo

Feedly: You may have to try this cool webapps, you can managed your main keyword on feedly dashboard and they will keep updating what the newest thing happen in your feed daily.

article marketing guide


You may also like Google Trends for search trending topic ideas. For some bloggers evergreen content should be considering as basic of their blogs like mine i used “content curation” as main topics, find yours!

Wikipedia: You can find interesting content ideas with Wikipedia. Well, the Wikipedia entries themselves aren’t going to get your creative ideas flowing, but the references. You KNOW, if a piece of content gets cited as a reference in Wikipedia, then it must have been very popular. Focus on “References” at the bottom. Also tap into “See Also” section to dig further more into the relevant topics of your niche.

Q&A sites: Use your niche related keywords in Q&A sites (Yahoo Answers & Quora). Discover the questions that are being asked repeatedly and by the most number of people. Then come up with a convincing solution to their question and create a post. That’s it

  • Steal and Curate your top Competitors Ideas

You should be able to find your tough competitor and get new inspiration for your content from their most booming contents.

Open Site Explorer: Go to OpenSiteExplorer and type the web address of the top website in your niche and hit enter. Click on Top Pages tab on the left.  You’ll find the most linked-to (super popular) content on that website. Believe me, you can reap the best ideas from this tool.

Google’s top 10 results: Not the most interesting strategy, but it’s very effective. Just Google for your topic related keywords. Now study the top 10 sites showing on the list.

  • Keyword Reseach

Using keyword tool like google keyword planners, or bing keyword tools is great start. There 3 keyword characteristics :

  • Strong relevance

Terms for which you have content to support.

  • Relatively high search volume

Terms people actually search for.

  • Relatively low competition

Terms with a small number of search results, that is other pages on the Internet that search engines have indexed as containing a specific word or phrase.

  • Write Unique and Controversial Content

This way is radical ways on article marketing but still this way could be improve your chance to go viral, like no other point on this article this way could give you very boomerang effect that will crush you when you have no back up after you writing against popular brands. Don’t used cheap article writing, be smart don’t be anyone jokes.

  • Start writing using SEO on-page Principles

If you people are internet marketers you might already knew some of technique below :

  1. Write a good looking meta-description with your main keyword on it.

  2. Write catchy titles that will get your reader response on comment field.

  3. Using H1-H3 Tags preferred.

  4. Don’t forcing your keyword many times (3 different keyword should be enough)

  5. Using Image or other media and write your keyword on alt-tags of images.

  6. Find right blog or guest posting sites to host your articles

This step is important things, you need to learn about several metrics to decide whether or not some blog deserved to be one of your backlinks profile. Sent guest post email proposal might be tricky and time consuming because your chance to get your content be approved is small, because not all bloggers using their active email they opened every day on their blog contacts. As long as your content legit I suggest you buy spot on guest post blog services, I believe google would be appreciated your effort to educated people with your contents. is legitimate Guestpost, Link Building and PBN Building Services on internet, I really recommended this website to get your SEO campaign boost to top page of google SERP.